Genealogical Treasures

Soldier Orphans and Indigent Children

This is the home for Orphans of Soldiers and Indigent Children for Scott County, Iowa 1880.
Allguire Ida   15 Female     Iowa  
Aulguire Ella   17 Female Employee at Home New York New York England
Badger William   22 Male Employee at Home Tennessee Ohio North Carolina
Barreth Willard   12 Male     Minnesota  
Barreth Melburnn   13 Male     Iowa  
Brewer Willie   8 Male     Iowa  
Brewer Frank   11 Male     Iowa  
Bromney Maggie   12 Female     Iowa  
Bromney Annie   9 Female     Iowa  
Burns Carrie   10 Female     Iowa  
Burns Jennie   13 Female     Iowa  
Burns George   15 Male     Iowa  
Burns Franke   11 Male     Iowa  
Burrell Jenny   13 Female     Iowa  
Burrell Anna   9 Female     Iowa  
Burrell Murray   6 Male     Iowa  
Burrell Lizzie   44 Female Employee at Home Scotland Scotland Scotland
Burris Stella   6 Female     Ireland  
Burris Gladdis   13 Female     Iowa  
Burris Lulu   11 Female     Iowa  
Burris Theofolis   9 Male     Iowa  
Bush Willie   13 Male     Iowa  
Clammers Abbie   12 Female     Iowa  
Clammers Mary   10 Female     Iowa  
Clark Ida   4 Female     Iowa  
Clark Alta   9 Female     Iowa  
Clark Leonara   13 Female     Iowa  
Clement Willie   9 Male     Nebraska  
Cline Agnes   13 Female     Iowa  
Connor Nannie   44 Female Employee at Home Virginia Virginia Virginia
Conro Mary   10 Female     Iowa  
Conro Charles   12 Male     Illinois  
Cowgill Mary   14 Female     Iowa  
Dicke Maud   6 Female     Iowa  
Dicke Ruth   9 Female     Iowa  
Dickey George   10 Male     Iowa  
Dickey Martin   11 Male     Iowa  
Dickey David   14 Male     Iowa  
Dolan Daniel   33 Male Employee at Home Ireland    
Dubel Augustee   11 Female     Iowa  
Dubel Ernest   3 Male     Iowa  
Dubel Albert   7 Male     Iowa  
Edwards Sarah   62 Female Employee at Home Massachuetts Massachuetts Massachuetts
Evans Jennie   38 Female Employee at Home Ohio Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Fuller Ella   11 Female     Iowa  
Gage Lotte   6 Female     Iowa  
Gottlob Charles   13 Male     Iowa  
Gottlob Henry   15 Male     Iowa  
Graabe Charles   8 Male     Iowa  
Gregory Emily   13 Female     Iowa  
Hammond Jenny   7 Female     Iowa  
Hammond Cora   6 Female     Iowa  
Harbert Lena   7 Female     Nebraska  
Harbert Charles   12 Male     Iowa  
Harbert Jesse   9 Male     Iowa  
Harbert Willie   4 Male     Nebraska  
Harris Marie   6 Female     Iowa  
Harris Harry   10 Male     Iowa  
Healy Fay   11 Male     Iowa  
Heley Eugene   9 Male     Iowa  
Hess Claudia   10 Female     Iowa  
Holmes John   10 Male     Iowa  
Holmes Peter   9 Male     Iowa  
Howard Marie   14 Female     Iowa  
Howard Anna   11 Female     Iowa  
Howard Clifton   13 Male     Iowa  
Howls Willie   6 Male     Iowa  
Hubar Frank   11 Male     Iowa  
Hubar George   8 Male     Iowa  
Hubbard Lizzie   22 Female Employee at Home Iowa Pennsylvania Kentucky
Hughes Willie   8 Male     Iowa  
Hughs Pearl   10 Female     Iowa  
Hummer Kate   14 Female     Iowa  
Hummer Carrie   12 Female     Iowa  
Hummer Bertha   9 Female     Iowa  
James Willie   14 Male     Iowa  
James John   12 Male     Iowa  
Johnson Violet   14 Female     Iowa  
Johnson Letha   12 Female     Iowa  
Kefover Plummer   11 Male     Iowa  
Kelley George   14 Male     Iowa  
Kyle Clara   13 Female     Iowa  
Lotspich Anna   9 Female     Iowa  
Lotspich Unknown   10 Male     Iowa  
Martindale Emma   13 Female     Iowa  
Mathisson Frank   9 Male     Iowa  
Mathisson Willie   3 Male     Iowa  
Mathisson Jacob   15 Male     Iowa  
McClaren Lillia   9 Female     Iowa  
McClaren Mimmie   8 Female     Ireland  
McClaren Lendella   4 Female     Iowa  
McClaren Eliazaebth   11 Female     Iowa  
McClaren Jennie   14 Female     Iowa  
McCord Scherman   15 Male     Iowa  
McDonald Ella   21 Female Employee at Home Iowa Virginia Virginia
McKelogue Unknown   10 Male     Iowa  
McNabb Issac   10 Male     Iowa  
McNabb Dow   13 Male     Iowa  
Nellis Oscar   11 Male     Iowa  
Newell Charlie   12 Male     Wisconsin  
Newell Homer   11 Male     Iowa  
Noris Bell   14 Female     Iowa  
Painter Anna   37 Female Employee at Home Ohio Pennsylvania New York
Peters Louise   13 Female     Virginia  
Pierce Winslow   44 Male Supt. Of Home Massachusettes Maine Maine
Pierce Fannie W. 41 Female Wife Maine Maine Maine
Pierce Charles W. 16 Male Son Iowa Massachusettes Maine
Pierce Mary   14 Female Daughter Iowa Massachusettes Maine
Pierce Carrie   11 Female Daughter Iowa Massachusettes Maine
Pierce Nella   8 Female Daughter Iowa Massachusettes Maine
Pierce Josephine   4 Female Daughter Iowa Massachusettes Maine
Porter Harry   9 Male     New Jersery  
Potter Miranda   11 Female     Iowa  
Potter Jesse   8 Male     Iowa  
Potter Thomas   5 Male     Iowa  
Rana Rudolph   36 Male Employee at Home Ohio Virginia New York
Raymond Ada   13 Female     New York  
Richmond Gracie   13 Female     Iowa  
Richmond Bertha   11 Female     Iowa  
Rohrback Charlie   11 Male     Iowa  
Rose Harry   12 Male     Illinois  
Rose Claude   11 Male     Illinois  
Rose Fred   14 Male     Illinois  
Scribner Lydia   13 Female     Iowa  
Skafee Eliza   6 Female     Nebraska  
Slaughter Marie   14 Female     Iowa  
Sleeth Willie   13 Male     Iowa  
Sleeth James   11 Male     Iowa  
Sleeth Joseph   8 Male     Iowa  
Smith Mary   14 Female     Iowa  
Smith Albie   12 Female     Iowa  
Smith Hannah   10 Female     Iowa  
Smith Frank   12 Male     Iowa  
Spencer Thomas   12 Male     Iowa  
Stowe Ida   7 Female     Iowa  
Stowe Aaron   9 Male     Iowa  
Stowe Willie   11 Male     New York  
Stowe Lymond   4 Male     Iowa  
Talbot Louis   17 Male Employee at Home Iowa Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Thorington Amanda   14 Female     Ohio  
Thornton Willie   10 Male     Iowa  
Thornton Frank   11 Male     Iowa  
Trump Aderie   8 Female     Missouri  
Trump Mary   15 Female     Ohio  
Trump Willie   12 Male     Ohio  
Trump Alva   6 Male     Missouri  
Wagner Ida   24 Female Employee at Home Germany Germany Germany
Walliss Edde   9 Male     Iowa  
Wilcox Clyde   13 Male     Iowa  
Wilson Ida   15 Female     Iowa  
Winak Charles   14 Male     Iowa  
Wrench Edwin   19 Male Employee at Home England England England
Wright Mage   7 Female     Illinois  
Wright Eva   11 Female     Iowa  
Wymore Amanda   14 Female     Iowa  
Wymore Tacy   8 Female     Iowa