Avon cemetery is a small cemetery in the southeast corner of Des Moines.  We are ran by the Allen Township Trusties of Polk County.
We have roughly 3700 burials and continuing to add to that.  We are a non-perpetual care cemetery but we do appreciate volunteers.  The sextons of the cemetery do everything they do as volunteers and donate their time and items to keep the cemetery clean.  With that being said, here are a few rules with the cemetery.
Rules are posted on the front gates and are expected to be followed along with these rules.  
NO PLANTING of live plants.
NO DIGGING  The only exception to this is if you wish to plant a small flower pot to the side of your headstone, this means a small flower pot, not much bigger than a coffee cup.  Plants topple headstones and are not taken care of after a few years.  Remember, we are not perpetual care. this is the only exception to live plants, we have been removing plants and will continue to do so.
SHEPARD'S HOOKS OR OF THE KIND Shepard's hooks are allowed as long as they are used and not cemeted in, remember, there is no digging.  If they cease to being used, we will tag them and if no response, they will be removed.  
Cemetery Cleaning  Each spring and fall we clean the cemetery.  The old and faded flowers are removed along with any broken items on or around the headstones.  All seasonal items, including flowers will be removed at this time.  If the family comes out to remove them, they can place them the next season, if they are there upon our rounds of cleaning, they will be thrown away.  
We sell Rights of Interment, we do not sell deeds.  We allow 2 burials in a single space.  The burials must be in the following manner:
Full burial                                         $800 for first right of interment    additional fees are opening and closing and surveyor fee. 
Full burial and one Cremation         $800 for first right of interment (Full) and $400 for second right of interment (Cremation)   additional fees are opening and closing and surveyor fee.  Burials must be in order of rights.  (Full burial must be placed before cremation burial or together.)
Two Cremations                              $800 for first right of interment and $400 for second right of interment   additional fees are opening and closing and surveyor fee.
In the future we plan on restructuring a piece of the cemetery so that it will be a cremation area only and the prices will be reduced for cremations.