Genealogical Treasures

Orphan Images

As genealogist we are passionate about getting the documents and photos back to the families to which they belong.  For years we have collected images and documents that have contained information leading to a family.  This could be something as simple as a photo with the name Uncle Dennis Allen on it, to a document that has family names through a marriage record.  We will post and hold digital documents but we would also like to get the original documents back to the actual family.  As a visitor you will be able to download digital copies of these documents and photos.  You will also be allowed to purchase the actual copy if it is still available.  
We will indicate on the digital image if the actual copy is still available.  We believe that every photo that is identifiable should be in the hands of family members.  We also believe that family members should have access to their photos, we hope this will help get the photos and documents where they belong.