Genealogical Treasures

About Our Blogs

Our blogs will consist of a few different things.  Our cemetery blog will have various tips on searching for cemetery records, taking care of a cemetery and working with funeral homes.  These records can be from nothing to the extreme surprises.  Many think that Findagrave is a great source, yes they are, but they can also be a poor source.  We are going to guide you through what can go right and what can go wrong with them. There is a lot to learn for most people and we want to help you learn.
Our research blog will be written by a great researcher, she is very methotical.  Many of us have heard of doing a do over with our family tree, but we do not know how to do a do over with our learning.  If I were to start over, I would want her to guide me through it.  Bonnie has taught me a lot and I have watched her with classes she has taught, she would be a great resource for a society or individual in their learning agenda.  I look forward to following her myself.
If there is something that you would like to hear about please let us know, we will see if we can work it into our blogs.