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Kinsey Lawson Cemetery
(Polk, IA)
Johnston, Iowa USA
A tidbit about this cemetery, look closely at the family members, there may be more than you think.  Below is a newspaper article about the cemetery.
Buried In His Own Cemetery
Rich Farmer Built His Own Graveyard.
Moses Lawson Dies After Preparing Burial Ground for Those of His Name - To Be Interred There Himself
After finishing the private burying ground in which he and all his relatives of his name should be buried, Moses Lawson died Sunday morning at 1 o'clock after a brief illness.  Mr Lawson was a retired farmer, residing northwest of town.  He has seven children and he has been living with each of them for a time in turn. He died at the home of his son-in-law, Mr. N. J. Otto.  Bright's disease was responsible for his death. His wish to be buried in his place called "Lawson Cemetery" will be gratified.  Along with him will be laid all members of his family bearing the name of Lawson.