Genealogical Treasures

Mission / Purpose

Our goal is to help you find that missing person you are looking for as well as to teach you how to find those you did not know were missing.

How We Differ

Our goal is to provide the additional information somebody needs along with the basics.  There are other sites that provide you with cemetery information, we plan on taking that information and adding to it.  We gather our cemetery information from multiple places and the cemeteries themselves,  along with information from Death Certificates, SSDI, Census Records, Marriage Records and more.  If it is on our site we have seen it someplace, we are trying to guide you to the correct information within the notes.  We are not here to do your genealogy, we are here to get you past some brick walls or road blocks.
Our Funeral Home Records are unique in the sense that you do not find a lot of them online.  We are starting with our collection and plan to grow from that.  These records tie in very well with the cemetery records, there can be additional information or different information from the cemetery records.  Remember, more than one person could have helped with the death of a loved one.
Dennis Allen, Administrator, Genealogical
Dennis Allen is a longtime firefighter for the city of Des Moines, but his passion is genealogy. He is widely known for his knowledge of genealogy related technology-software and designing innovative databases. Dennis has also developed expertise for all things cemeteries!
Dennis, along with his partner, Cris Nagla, have for years, researched, gathered, and digitalized cemetery and funeral home records across Iowa. They have helped numerous cemeteries bring records up to date and have even taken on management of a couple of cemeteries.
This year, Dennis and Cris, introduced an invaluable research tool for family researchers with the launch of their website, Genealogical Treasures. Backed by the research and acquired records of many years, the website makes their vast collection of information from cemetery and funeral home records available to researchers.
Genealogical Treasures offers a searchable database, including history of cemeteries and funeral homes through time. GT open early this year and currently holds several databases of cemetery and funeral home records, with more being added each month. There will be two levels of membership, Basic (free) and later this year, Premium, which will give members full access to records for a nominal annual fee.
Dennis Allen is known for his willingness to help others with their family search. Now, he is excited and happy to launch Genealogical Treasures, years in preparation, to bring valuable and informative records to researchers.
Cris Nagla, Administrator, Genealogical Treasures
Longtime genealogy professional, Cris Nagla, has amassed and masterfully archived thousands of cemetery and funeral home records, as well as genealogy reference books, over the years. Cris has expertly digitalized and indexed these records, making them database ready with the eventual goal of making them available to researchers.
Cris, along with partner, Dennis Allen, have this year launched Genealogical Treasures, making Cris' library of cemetery and funeral home records available in a searchable database to family researchers.
Known for her organizational and research skills, Cris, has accumulated masses of handwritten records scribbled on individual cards or in books, created long before computers, then indexed and digitalized them. Typewritten records came along and much later, computerized forms and those too have been indexed and digitalized. Cris has been dedicated to "saving" as many records, preserving the history found in cemetery and funeral records of many, many people.
End of life records can hold surprising detail, not only dates and kinfolk's names, but stories that tell about the life of the deceased. Cris has taken care to preserve all the contents of the records, to give the fullest possible picture of one's ancestor. 
Bonnie Samuel, Research Services
I am pleased to be a part of Genealogical Treasures. I know, through over thirty years of genealogy research, how valuable and illuminating funeral home and cemetery records can be. Dennis and Cris, developers of this site have gathered and digitalized thousands of records over the years and are now making them available to you! Indeed a powerful resource to further your genealogy.
I love genealogy! The ancestor hunt has been an amazing journey for me and I've enjoyed helping others find their kinfolk too. I will be blogging here on Genealogical Treasures, providing tips about the research process through the telling of ancestor stories. I am here to also provide my research services to those who need help finding information about their Iowa ancestors.
Contact me at and visit my website too: