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Welcome to our site!

We want to guide you to the records you are missing.  There are websites out there that will give you a image, which is great, but we want to let you know sometimes there is more information than just the image.  We want to be able to share the records we have and have access to and teach you what to look for.  We run a cemetery in Des Moines, IA, with running the cemetery we have the inside edge that other websites don't have on their side.  There is so much more than what is seen on the surface.
We are a new site and we hope to build our records for others.  By summer we hope you will notice the records growing.  We have records from more than 11 funeral homes that we will be indexing completely and adding to the site.  We have complete records to 6 cemeteries and have access to more once we get these added to the site.
We do ask that you like at each description of the Cemeteries and Funeral Homes to see if there is a special note about them.  Some will contain much more information than others.

Funeral Home Records

Why do I need a Funeral Home Record?  When we are teaching classes, this comes up a lot.  Remember this, it is not always the same family member giving the information to each place.  Even if it is the same family member, they may not give the same information to the other place.  There may be one sibling giving information to a cemetery, another sibling giving information to the funeral home, even a third sibling giving the information for an obituary. All three may know the same information, but because of the stress they are under, they may not all give the same answers.  This is why all these documents are important to locate.  
Click below to look at a Funeral Home Family Tree.  What this is, is showing the life of funeral homes in the Des Moines area.  Who owned the funeral before the present owner, who merged with who, who split and created their own and who joined together.  This is a nice little tree to show where to look for the record you need.  Try to create one for your region.


There is a lot to learn about cemeteries.  No two cemeteries are alike in the sense of what information they collect.  We have started running our first cemetery in the summer of 2016.  Prior to this we have been involved with them for years.  We were part of the Des Moines Citizen Cemetery Advisory Committee for 6 years. We have helped map cemeteries, raise and clean headstone and mausoleum.  One of the things that are difficult when talking with the cemeteries is the terminology.  
A great example of this is the term for a grave.  A grave can be called a grave, space, lot or plot.  We have seen the term plot used to describe 1 - 3 grave, lots describe 2 - 6 graves, but we have seen that as high as 16 and as low as 1. A space can be the space enough for one grave or multiple graves. You see how confusing this can be.  A complete description could be, a plot in a lot in a section in a block in a garden, but some of these terms can be turned around.  Learning this terminology when talking to a cemetery can help a lot.